Reviews let our future clients know whether they can count on us or not. Reviews are very important. We want your wedding to be the happiest stress free event of your life.

I do not normally post anything that has a negative connotation. This is a time I have to vent. I have had a few customer who have given me reviews and given less than absolutely positive remarks.

First let me say, I am not always perfect but I absolutely strive for perfection in everything I do. I know it has my name and reputation attached to it.

I had one customer who order regular vanilla cake, the design was spectacular. The client even said so in her remarks. She was bummed that the flavor wasn’t a wow factor. Hello, you ordered ordinary vanilla cake. When we offer so many fabulous exoctic flavors. What would you really expect? She even said how the the decorations and design were top notch. How can you blame me when I suggest something with the wow factor and you turn it down. Then you give me a review that suggest I missed the mark… Then, this client said she didn’t feel she had gotten her monies worth. Here is a fact. The client is given the price when they place the order. There are no up charges after the fact, unless the client changes the design at the last minute and it is more time consuming than the original design. I am extremely flexible as I want to make sure everyone is happy. You as the consumer has the option to say I want this or I do not want this. How can you say it wasn’t worth it when you agreed to it in the first place?

What really has me bummed is the last reveiw I received…. The customer order a cake and cupcakes for her wedding. All whipped cream in summer time. She changes the order 4 times within 3 months. We had 3 separate meetings. ¬†That is not the problem. The problem comes in when I ask for a review and she gives me all 4’s and then states “our cake and cupcakes were EXACTLY what we ordered. Here is the problem. If I give you everything you ordered, delivered everything on time and gave you fabulous flavor, met with you several times to make sure your wishes were fulfilled, After all it is your wedding day, followed your express directions to the T. (meaning you gave me no room for creative flexibility). Then when we get to the reception we have to wait for an hour with whipped cream items in summer time, because the reception area wasn’t ready. Please explain how you give me 4’s for flexibility, responsiveness, ¬†value, quality of service and professionalism?

So please folks know that reviews mean everything to our business. It really affects future business. That is why we work so hard. If you can not give a review of 5 please don’t reveiw at all. I feel our quality, customer service, attention to detail and value are better than you will get anywhere else in Brevard.

Thanks for reading.