Cakes So Simple is telling every Bride what you need to know about wedding cakes. We are going to start with a few key questions. Are you putting off ordering your Wedding Cake? Does the thought intimidate you? Are you afraid you can’t afford what you want? Are there more important things on the “to-do” lists? Don’t know how to find the right baker? Scared you will choose the wrong one? Lets take one question at a time.

How do you find the right baker? There are many ways to find the baker that is right for you.  You can search the web, have a referral, or meet someone at a wedding show. Searching the web is great, it is your first contact without contacting. Look at pictures and if you like what you see call for a consultation. (FYI Consultations should be free) If you have a referral you should also call for a consultation. If you meet a Baker at a wedding show chances are you have seen their work and tasted their product. Call them for a free consultation. There is no rule as to how many bakers you can interview for your Wedding Day. Your baker should be able to bring your vision to life. You should be able to taste product and see  the work they actually performed.

Make sure your chosen baker has your best interest at heart not their bottom line. Do not be fooled by those who tell you I bake everything the day of the event. Those that say nothing is ever refrigerated or frozen.  I am telling you that those who say that are lying. Baking and decorating the same day is dang near impossible. What if they have more than one cake for that day? What if you choose to have cream cheese icing? what if you choose to have a filling? If they do not need refridgeration they are not using fresh or natural products. There are shelf stable cream cheese icing and fillings but they have a TON of preservatives. So ask questions. This is your Wedding Day and it should be everything you want it to be.

During consultations make sure your baker is all about you. Beware of the baker that doesn’t listen to you. What you desire should be at the top of the list.

Here are some things you can do to make sure you have a great experience.

Know your budget and SHARE it.

Be open to new ideas on the same line as your desires.

Ask questions about everything.

In our next blog we will talk about prices.